Can I purchase directly from TLK?

TLK does not sell to the public. All TLK jewelry is distributed to the public exclusively through our Authorized Retailers, who have been carefully selected to represent the quality of our brand name. Please visit our online Store Locator Tab for an authorized retailer near you.


What if I don’t see a retailer close to my location?

No Problem. Please contact us at 1-800-445-2425 and we will work with you in helping you find a retailer in your area. Also, if you have a preferred jeweler, TLK will contact them on your behalf and will set up an appointment for you at your convenience.


Why aren’t there any prices listed on the website?

All price inquiries and purchases must be made through a TLK Authorized Dealer.


What quality diamonds are used in TLK Jewelry?

The expertly GIA trained gemologists at TLK who hand select the diamonds only use VS quality G color diamonds or better.


Is the center diamond included in engagement rings?

TLK engagement rings are sold as "semi mounts" which means that all the surrounding accent stones have already been set so that you can choose the quality of your center diamond in accordance with the quality and color you desire.


Can I purchase my center stone from TLK?
Absolutely! TLK is also a very competitive diamond distributor in the U.S. In order to inquire about purchasing a center stone, you may visit an authorized TLK retailer of your choice.


Would TLK be interested in buying my diamond?

YES! Show TLK your diamond and we will gladly give you a fair offer.


What metal choices do I have when purchasing a TLK piece?
TLK jewelry is a designer line, which is available in Platinum, 18K or 14K white, rose, or yellow gold. To keep up with the demands of our industry, TLK jewelry is also available in Palladium upon request.


Can I pick which gemstone I’d like in my TLK jewelry?

Definitely! Your wish is our command! If you prefer a sapphire over a ruby than we will gladly manufacture the same piece uniquely to your liking, no matter what the gemstone may be.


Does TLK provide customization?

Of course! We love to create custom pieces that are made-to-order. We are experts in creating diamond jewelry and we welcome the opportunity to discuss creating a unique piece for every individual taste. You can also provide a sketch of a design you have in mind and our team will custom create that piece for you. This is also true in the case of wedding bands; if your engagement ring does not have a matching wedding band, you may custom create a band that would perfectly pair with your ring.


What is an Authenticity Card and do I need one?
Authenticity cards are to certify that the diamonds, gemstones and gold are genuine and have been hand selected and inspected by trained jewelry specialists for quality, color, and cut. Feel special knowing that you purchased a one of a kind, authentic TLK design!



For more questions please visit our concierge service for a personal consultation.