TLK is a family. Proudly in its second generation, we here at TLK are led by the moral principals and ethics of our mother, the founding architect of our firm. As a cohesive unit of siblings we were taught to live by ideals and to run a corporation with honor, dignity, honesty, patriotism and above all, trust in our Creator and in our selves. As descendants of grandparents who were Holocaust survivors we are firmly aware that each day is to be valued and that with great faith, courage and determination comes blessings and success.
As premier designers of high end luxuries we owe our fans the best of ourselves.
We owe you quality that is second to none!
We owe you quality that is second to none. Every piece of jewelry we create is imbued with thought, style and attention to detail and design. As such, it is imperative that the manufacturing process be under our full purview and control. We, therefore, proudly manufacture all our pieces here in the United States. The most fitting place for exceptional luxuries is in an exceptional country. Here we employ our workers, here we serve our clients, and here we take great care to inspect every one of the pieces we create. There are tremendous details involved in making a superior product and our long time clients know this and experience it with jewelry that they treasure for years on end.
We owe you unique style and artistic design!
We owe you unique style and artistic design. Fashion is created, not followed. The styles of today are formed by those who dare to lead. Here we lead. Our design team is led by Karinne Mymon, a shining Fashion Institute of Technology Alumni, who has her finger on the pulse of the fashion world. A fashionista in her own right, her initiatives are always focused on being fashion-forward yet classy at the same time.
We owe you unsurpassed service!
We owe you unsurpassed service. When you call TLK you call people that care. We are here to provide you with the best answers for any of your concerns. Every call is significant and every sale is valued. Whether for advise, support, or concern we are here for you. We stand behind our product and proudly beside our friends.
We owe our community!
We owe our community. We were taught that fortune is a by-product of hard work and that all we may receive is in essence a gift given in trust. This gift must be used to further the good. As such, we here at TLK look to give back. After paying our debts to our employees and our vendors we strive to help those who are less fortunate then ourselves. We are contributors to a wide range of charities and beneficent organizations so you can trust that a part of every piece of jewelry you purchase goes to help those in need.
Our clients become our friends and our friends become our family. We invite you to join.
With Blessings,

Gila, Tally, Lee, & Karinne
The TLK Family